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Hung Kuen London Club-Horse Stance-Ma Bo


London Class-Hand Blocking technique


Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu has something for everyone, no matter who you are or what your own personal reasons are for training may be.


At it's core, it is a traditional style of kung fu (tracing back to the 1500 year old Shaolin Monastery in Henan, China - see the 'History' page for more details), for example this is shown in the way that barehand and the weapons forms are practised.


One of the great benefits of Hung Kuen are that the techniques practised are just not limited to kicking and punching.  Grabs, locks, throws and take-down techniques are also included.


In addition, there are other enjoyable aspects which are also part of the training, such as: Practical Self-defence techniques; Body Conditioning & Sparring.

The translation of 'Hung Kuen' means 'Family Fist'.  The family ethos is very much in the forefront of how our style of kung fu operates.  We conduct ourselves in a friendly and positive manner and treat each other with respect as brother and sisters.  We help each other with the training, right from the senior blackbelts down through the various grades.

We are an active style of Kung Fu, with a grading system in place and annual competitions held throughout the U.K.  Both the taking part in gradings and or in competitions are not compulsory. However, they are encouraged, as they are a good way of marking one's progress and testing the human spirit respectively.

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I thoroughly enjoy the Kung Fu class and I’m looking forward to it every week.

Focusing on my body, the forms and different techniques allows me to disconnect from my busy -and sometimes stressful - lifestyle and helps release energy.

I enjoy the challenge and there is no better feeling than succeeding after practising.

It also helps me getting in shape and I’m happy to learn some self defense skills.

I’ve met lovely and caring people. Who knew that fighting could be so much fun?


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Further information can be found on the Classes page.

Saturday Morning Training Centre

Saturday Mornings

Saturday morning session run continuously throughout the year.  

Mixed ability training.

All beginners welcome (6 years upwards).

Training fees are paid either Pay As You Go at £10.00 per session

or at a discounted rate in blocks of 12 sessions

(pro-rata @ £8.00 -Adult;

@ £7.00 - 17 years and under) 

Hung Kuen Private Tuition

1-1  Private Tuition

Bespoke 1 to 1 Hung Kuen Kung Fu training tailored to your interests.

Classes start from £45 per hour 

Contact Master Tim Kirkman for more details and set up your very own personalised training plan.

Womens Self-defence

Specialist Courses

Specialist courses are run annually, include:


Traditional barehand and weapon forms.

Women's Self-defence Course (6 weeks)


Competition Sparring Course

Contact Master Tim Kirkman for more details.

No Class Saturdays 4th & 25th May 2024

 (Bank Holiday Weekends)

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