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London Hung Kuen class training

Who We Are?

In 1994 with the blessing of Master Ang and the late Sifu Cheong, Master Tim Kirkman established the London club of the Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu UK. 

Sifu Ang with his U.K. Masters
Sifu Ang with his U.K. Masters

(L-R) Master Tim Kirkman; Master Andy Donaldson; Sifu Ang; Master Andy Ten; Master Kay Peake; Master Colin Moss.

(Photo taken at Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu Competition 11.12.2022)

Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu is a traditional style of Chinese martial art which originated in the Shaolin monastery in Henan, China.

Primarily taught by Sifu Ang Kee Kong and his qualified blackbelt instructors of whom include,  Master Tim Kirkman - London.

The system is designed for a broad spectrum of people irrespective of their size, build or gender who are keen to improve their lives in a positive natural way.

Classes are taught in a traditional, yet open minded approach using the soft internal elements of the Art to control the hard, fast moving techniques which are simple and effective to use.

An authentic aspect of the art of Hung Kuen is demonstrated in the Five Animal system created within the Shaolin monastery.

The Five Animals 

Of the many great styles of Kung Fu to emerge from Shaolin, animal style is perhaps the most famous.

Monks in the temple observed the movements and characteristics of animals, and incorporated these themes into techniques.  Most famous of Shaolin animals are Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane.

These techniques are not only based on the obvious overt aspects of each animal, such as the ferocious gripping and tearing of the Tiger Claw but also on the spirit of each animal. For example the Crane is elegant and precise, whereas Leopard is fast and agile.

Hung Kuen makes particular use of this style, and 5 animal forms feature heavily in our theory & practice.

No Class Saturdays 4th & 25th May 2024

 (Bank Holiday Weekends)

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